About us

Jack-the-Flipper is a project of two artists and photographers that arose through friendship and the certainty rather to achieve their goals together. It's about dreams and the passion for art and photography. Together we pursue an artistic goal: create pictures that give pleasure to everyone. Jack-the-Flipper would like to share the dream with you, to make the beauty of nature something that can be experienced, to stop time for a while, to steal your breath away. Jack-the-Flipper, this is the team of the artists Markus Brungs and Sascha Hojzakowa.


If you are enthralled by the beauty of a landscape or filled with awe by the power of nature, than you'll realize what motivates us in photography and what spurs us on to discover new places and motifs, to travel further and wait patiently for the perfect light.

Our eyes can perceive some events in our daily lives only as motion, but the aspect of a single vignette of movement remains hidden to us in its perfection. The camera renders this fraction of a second visible for us.Hence we came up with the idea of capturing the sculptures of falling water drops. Water is the stuff without life as we know it would not exist.


The power of the water of our oceans for instance can be seen on our coasts: jagged rock formations, bizarre stone sculptures carved by the power of the surf over millenia until nothing remains but fine sand on the beaches, on which the waves no longer crush but gently peter out with a vague murmur. Long-exposure photography on the coasts captures the stillness of the oceans, thus taming the unrelenting surging of the waves and capturing the tranquility most of us experience when we walk along the seaside. This is the feeling of time stretching – the perfect moment that could last forever.


And we gaze upon the stars in the firmament, we realize that we are truly much smaller than a grain of sand on the beach. Earth, our planet is just one of many and our sun only one star among billions and billions of stars. The stars above move because the earth rotates and long-exposure photography of the starry sky renders this phenomenon visible. The backdrop, our earth in all of its splendor, makes the perfect stage.


Everything is in a state flux, everthin is variable, nothing stays the same – and that's as it should be! Is the moment merely an illusion, or is it eternity? Certain experiences are so wonderful that they seem like a dream in our memories. Has dream thus become realitiy?! The world is our dream.


- The World is our Dream - M. Brungs & S. Hojzakowa | Jack the Flipper

Die Welt Unser Traum - Markus Brungs - Öl auf Kreidegrund 90 x 90 cm
Die Welt Unser Traum - Markus Brungs - Öl auf Kreidegrund 90 x 90 cm

Markus J. Brungs 1975

M. Brungs was born in Cologne in 1975. After earning his advanced technical college certificate in 1993, he then completed an industrial sales manager training program at the Bergisch Gladbach Business School in 1996. After graduation, however, he then gave in to his creative talent and studied graphic design from 1998-2003 at the Rhein-Sieg Academy of Fine Arts and Design, specializing in photography. As a student of Nikolaj Fedkovic, along with his diploma in 2003 he obtained the additional qualification of illustration/painting. Since then he has worked as a freelancer and has had several successful showings at ArtCologne in 2006, Galerie 68elf in Media Park (Cologne) in 2007, Inter Art Galerie Reich (Cologne) in 2012, to name a few. He has been focusing mainly on photography since 2011.

Sascha A. Hojzakowa 1974

S. Hojzakowa was born in Cologne in 1974. After graduating from school he opted for alternative service and was trained as a paramedic. He then sought excitement in the field of radio and television. He worked as an editor, recording director, and producer of various formats for the public broadcasting company WDR. His tasks included both live broadcasts and television studio recordings. Thanks to his qualifications and organizational talent, after holding several other positions with the private broadcasting companies RTL, Sat1, and Pro 7 he became deputy music director at MTV Networks, where among other things he organized the "MTV Europe Music Awards". After his broadcasting career, as a private entrepreneur he and his partner successfully ran a business with 420 m2 of retail space for 7 years, which was sold at a profit in 2012.